Matt Moran - Warm Pear Tart

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

OK, so anyone who watched MasterChef last night would still probably be drooling from the challenge he put to Justine to make his Aria Restaurant dessert of Warm Pear tart.

It had Craig and I salivating at the bit and looked absolutely divine! Now Justine did an amazing job (she is such a cool customer under the hammer) scoring a very respectable 24 out of 30 against a multi time winning multiple chef's hat winner!

Had a look on the MC website this arvo and to my shock found the actual recipe that Justine followed...thought maybe he'd rope you into buying his latest book to obtain it ;)

I know I won't be able to match the quality and skill shown last night but I'm always up for a challenge and it sure does look like fun!

maybe the trick is in perfecting each separate process before combining them all I biting off more than I can chew......NEVER! well OK, maybe...


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